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Maryam Imogen Ghouth


What I Do


Poetry is the deification of reality.

―Edith Sitwell

I publish poetry as written pieces, recorded tracks, or poetry films. My most recent work focuses on the written form, deriving metaphors from nature, science, and the inanimate to help me reconcile some of life’s intimate complexities, including selfhood, the coincidence of opposites, and, in the words of Maria Popova, 'the incomprehensible miracle of being alive'. My poems have been published in several literary journals, including Sky Island Journal, Vita Brevis Anthology, Science Write Now, inScribe, The Poet Anthology, Last Leaves, Central Texas Writers Society Anthology, Rat's Ass Review, The Poet, Querencia Press, Nocturno, and others. Click here to read some of my published poems. My debut chapbook I Ask My Being is forthcoming, so stay tuned.

My poetry films are more abstract and analytical, and are produced in both Arabic and English. In them, I combine the tenets of psychology with the big questions of philosophy to shed light on some of the uncomfortable corners of the mind, unpack social narratives, and give voice to the raw emotions that undulate the human experience. Check out my Journey of Becoming series, which was showcased in Dubai’s arthouse cinema, Akil.


Under my initiative #mcollabs, I invite a colourful range of artists, including composers, music producers, cinematographers, film directors, animators, and set designers to combine their art with my voice and words. Together, we create poetry recordings, music tracks, animated poetry and poetry films to produce a multi-sensory experience and journey inwards. Have a look at 'A Different Kind of Love', which features two beautiful contemporary dancers, or 'Envy', which was inspired by Nietzsche's book The Genealogy of Morality.


You can also watch the trailer of 'Under the Sun', a short film with spectacular footage from Bali that is premiering worldwide. This piece was directed and produced by Alla Dulh, for whom I wrote and narrated the poem in her film.

What I Do

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