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Maryam Ghouth

Storyteller and Shadow Integrator

What I Do



"The creative process must be explored... as the expression of the normal people in the act of actualizing themselves." Rollo May

Hugely influenced by Carl Jung, Rollo May, Otto Rank, Abraham Maslow and Frederik Nietzsche, I combine the tenets of psychology with the big questions of philosophy while giving voice to the raw emotions, struggles and existential conundrums that are embedded in the human experience. 


I take solace in inviting people into the uncomfortable corners of the mind, challenging social narratives and shedding light on some of the fears that govern our motivations and some of the social constructs and systems that rest upon them, from our personas to our hierarchical hero system.


With a love for contemplative thinking and a burning need for creative expression, I express my ideas in the form of spoken word poetry and fuse them with visuals and music, creating a meditative space for people to journey inward and connect with their truth. 


There’s something magical about being able to articulate an emotional experience in words. It empowers the stroyteller and the recipients with the right to feel and the confidence to acknowledge their experiences as a real ‘thing’. 


When our interpretation of the events that have taken place in our lives is no longer considered an illusive, biased or post-traumatic distortion of reality but an actual experience to be reckoned with, we feel saner and less alone in the world and that is a beautiful place to be. 


Shadow Work

"Everyone carries a shadow and the less it is embodied in the individual's conscious life, the blacker and denser it is.’’ Car Jung

By accreditation I am an ICF Co-Active Coach and an NLP Licensed Practitioner but in practice, I am more of a truth detective focusing primarily on psychoanalysis and the integration of the shadow.


The “shadow” is a concept first coined by Carl Jung to describe aspects of the personality that we reject and repress into our unconscious psyches. The shadow is a collection of impulses, desires and defensive urges hidden beneath our social personas. 


As we begin to develop a sense of self, two independent psychological systems form; the ego and the shadow. Failing to integrate the two can cause disillusionment, conflict and chaos. 


I assist people with identifying their self-deception tactics and defense mechanisms and with uncovering denied and disowned aspects of the self in order to cultivate a higher degree of accountability, alignment and authentic expression.


Should my clients wish to transform their self-knowledge into tangible actions that effectuate change, I refer them to practitioners with expertise in various disciplines including CBT, breath work, energy healing, and motivational coaching in order to assist and motivate them through the process of change. From thereon I provide one-off update sessions if and when required. 


In essence, rather than help people change, I help them figure out who they are and what’s getting in the way of change. 



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Everything I create demands hundreds of hours a month to research, write, record, film, edit and compose music for and thousands of dollars to sustain.

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