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Maryam Imogen Ghouth

Written | Spoken | Visual

What I Do


Poetry is the deification of reality.

―Edith Sitwell

I publish poetry in written, audio, and visual form, combining psychological themes with philosophical musings. I derive inspiration from science and nature to help me reconcile some of life’s intimate complexities, including selfhood, the coincidence of opposites, and, in the words of Maria Popova, 'the incomprehensible miracle of being alive'.


The Written Form:


My poems have been published in several literary journals, including Sky Island Journal, Vita Brevis Anthology, Science Write Now, inScribe, The Poet Anthology, Last Leaves, Central Texas Writers Society Anthology, Rat's Ass Review, The Poet, Querencia Press, Nocturno, and others. Click here to read some of my published poems. My debut chapbook and album I Ask My Being are forthcoming, so stay tuned. As an aside, I am currently working on a novel about a disgruntled misfit in Dubai and a collection of lyrical pensées about an existential crisis that broke me open and into the arts. I also run a one-on-one self-discovery programme, using the art of the written word to articulate one's findings.

The Spoken Form:


I record most of my poems and fuse them with sounds and music. My poetry recordings have been featured as narrative overlays in several short films, including ‘Under the Sun’, a multi-award-winning film by director Alla Dulh, which premiered worldwide; as lyrics and spoken word for music producers and composers, such as Ricardo Haila and Arash Behzadi; and as guided meditations for wellness practitioners and projects, such as Ruqaya Ahmed and the biophilic development, Keturah Reserve. You can listen to 'Silence', a meditative track commissioned by the founders of Keturah Reserve or watch the trailer of 'Under the Sun'. 


The Visual Form:


I adapt some of my poems to poetry films. Under my initiative #mcollabs, I invite a range of artists, including composers, music producers, cinematographers, film directors, animators, and set designers to fuse their art with my voice and words. Check out 'Bubble Hat' or 'Just Once', or watch Envy', which was inspired by Nietzsche's book The Genealogy of Morality.


What I Do

Support Me

If you enjoy my labour of love and would like to support my craft, you may donate via PayPal. Thank you—your contribution will make a difference and help me continue doing what I love.

Thank You

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