Maryam Ghouth

Storytelling and Conscious Conversations

What I Do


"Storytelling is a tool for knowing who we are and what we want.” Ursula K. Le Guin

Greatly influenced by Carl Jung, Otto Rank and Frederik Nietzsche, I combine the tenets of psychology with the big questions of philosophy, challenge social narratives, ponder existential unknowns and give voice to the raw emotions undulating the human experience. 


I invite people to meet reality on its own terms, pay attention to the incomprehensible miracle of being alive and explore the uncomfortable corners of the mind by shedding light on some of the fears that govern our motivations as well as the social constructs that rest upon them, from our personas to our hero-systems.


With a love for contemplative thinking and a burning need for creative expression, I share my ideas in the form of poetry, prose and emotive narratives in collaboration with musicians, artists and cinematographers. Together we create immersive audio tracks, poetry films and experiential art, offering a meditative space for people to journey inwards.

Here's my latest poetry film:

Conscious Conversations

“You want truffles? You gotta get in the dirt with the pigs.” Holden Ford from Mindhunter 

Drawing on Carl Jung's concept of the shadow, holding space for conscious conversations is an opportunity for us to uncover the elemental truths about what we feel and want, and what we do in response to those feelings and wants. 


But the goal of our conversations is not to heal wounds or devise strategies and solutions; it is to become aware of our interior worlds and to find the language to describe them, no matter our findings. 


My approach is more descriptive than prescriptive. Engaging in an honest dialogue that focuses on what "is" rather than what "should be" unmoors us from the safe harbor of disguise and denial and the stagnation that ensues from perpetual fixing. It is a liberating exchange that not only vitalizes our sense of integrity but also sieves our priorities by directing our attention to the immensity of what is available to us, in spite of our limitations, or perhaps precisely because of them.

Here's a video about Shadow Work:

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